Bringing flea markets into one application

It was during a roadtrip with my girlfriend in the Scania, Sweden, that I came up with the idea of an application to collect all flea markets in Sweden. We drove on an average 70 KPH road when passing a tiny little sign saying “Loppis ->” (meaning flea market ->). We obviously did not see it in time to stop and turn so we had to continue and turn back to find our way to the little market. What if we had had that market in our phones as a destination in Apple Maps?!

That’s where it was born, – Sweden’s central flea market map to be. Ever since I have been developing on the solution and releasing it bit by bit, finding after each iteration that there are improvements to be made everywhere. Even though it can be improved, I have til this day hosted over 270 different locations, both temporary and recurring and it is a number that keeps growing.

While the main machine is being run on Ruby on Rails, I managed to build a small iOS-app last year (2022). It is VERY basic and just crying for an update, one that is currently in the making.