Enabling efficiency, one hair salon at a time

Facebook is great for a plentitude of things, however – finding your new business partner might not be one of them.

In 2013 me and two of my best friends thought we’d start a platform for entrepreneurs to find a place to sit, away from home, to make it feel more like a real job I guess. We believed in the sharing economy as well as idea generation by bringing in externals, working on their things but just being around and getting to know new people. Late one evening when I was out walking in Helsingborg, Southern Sweden, I spotted a small little sign in a hair salon window saying “Looking for hairdresser to rent a chair”. I brought it to my partners and we quickly determined that we needed to provide a space on our platform also for this segment.

Low and behold, we did not become viral and famous over a night. As a matter of fact it never flew off the ground, and to ensure we remained friends (still are today) we determined that we needed to lock down our little business. However, that hairsalong idea stuck with me to this day.

That is the reason to why I launched, a dedicated platform for hair salon owners to list their free chairs, and hairdressers to sign up to be able to apply for renting the chairs. It is still in an early stage but I have managed to get 26 users sign up, 9 listings posted and some traction on Google with a few visitors each day finding the platform through searching the web.

Next up for release is the longed for “Matching”-functionality. This intends to score the strength of the match between hairdresser and salon to be able to recommend partnerships in the platform.