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Imagery. General. I was asked to redesign the webpage of Ekon, a magazine written at Gothenburg University which I attend. The design is kept simple and fresh with no extra clutter and functions. WordPress is not my strongest skill but I manage and the team at Ekon was more than happy with the result. The […]

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Suggestion for TNT Express

Imagery. General. I created a suggestion for TNT Express based on the fact that they supply their customers with free packaging. I was intrigued by the opportunity to raise money for charity which led me to suggest that a new line of packages should be made available to the clients. Packages should be printed showing that […]

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Gothenburg Student Race 2016

Imagery. General. Having been the Project Manager of Gothenburg Student Race 2016 proved to be a challenge which led to my biggest personal development to date. During the project I have led a group of 10 students through creating the first ever National Championship in sailing for students. Gothenburg Student Race made us able to celebrate the […]

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Imagery. General. I was the Co-Founder of Spacelease.se, like an AirBNB for available business space. The service is still running as a free service and has been completely coded by me and developed together with my two business partners and friends. The service is built in Ruby on Rails and is being run on Heroku […]

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