Communications – The invincible way.

Imagine the following. The alarm sounds, the impact is imminent. The tsunami is on its way and it’s about to demolish whatever comes in its way… Water is flowing back into the ocean, the howling wind is slowing down. It’s a mess. People are everywhere. Communications. We need communications. Cellulars are down. Landlines, obviously down. How do we organize ourselves?

Welcome FireChat.

FireChat is a newly released app which is using Apple’s most recent technology when it comes to peer-to-peer-usage. With FireChat you don’t need cellular, you don’t need Internet at all. Since it is peer-to-peer it just works and connects a big network of users. Imagine the quick response where everyone could give sitreps, emergency callouts. Since everyone is in the same network monitoring and organizing is a breeze.

And, of course. Imagine the potential usages, I will follow the development of this closely.