Author: Didrik

Didrik is the author of Dbirkemalm.com as well as Gottekak.se. He is a driven entrepreneur who is currently studying at the University of Gothenburg where he is going for a Bachelor in Industrial Financial Management. Didrik is not afraid of challenges, he is rather seeking them than avoiding them.

My Reading List

So, a while ago I watched “Equalizer”. I really liked the reading list that the main character had. He had a goal of reading 100 books before he died. Not that my goal is before I die, I hope I will be able to read a lot more, but I will start with the 100 […]

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Using Tabs – #Lifehack

Mornings. OK, I guess this has been covered a million times already, and probably a million times before that. However, it is a very good hack which I just recently started using to increase my productivity. I guess you all can relate to how you, when you just woke up, says “Today I’m going to […]

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Communications – The invincible way.

Imagine the following. The alarm sounds, the impact is imminent. The tsunami is on its way and it’s about to demolish whatever comes in its way… Water is flowing back into the ocean, the howling wind is slowing down. It’s a mess. People are everywhere. Communications. We need communications. Cellulars are down. Landlines, obviously down. […]

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When bad seems good

The environmental issue is everywhere. It is interpreted very differently from person to person and from generation to generation. Yesterday I noticed an advertisement for a Swedish electrical company called Telge Energi. The company is focused on buying and selling electricity from only environmental friendly sources. On their webpage you can read about close co-operations […]

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First post!

OK, first thing’s first. This will not be a personal blog for what I had to dinner last night or what I will be doing tomorrow, for that we have Facebook/Twitter. Though food might be published someday, I kind of like cooking… What it WILL be is a blog with thoughts, experiments (mainly with code) […]

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